Elderly Ape Retirement Club — Q1 2022 Recap

  1. To share with the web3 community unique, quality art with a healthy dose of humor
  2. To cultivate a fun, tight knit community, brought together by art that parodies the fact that the NFT space really ages you
  3. To give back (more on this objective below)
EARC Roadmap (Retirement Plan) 2.0
  • Developed relationship with the Alzheimer’s Association
  • $50,000 donation matching campaign with potential to raise $100,000.
  • Future plans for The Longest Day Campaign and deeper web3 integration
  • EARC x Bored Breakfast Club Coffee Drop
  • The Red Ape Family Animated TV Show
  • Regular WL opportunities for Holders
  • Regular Twitter Spaces with like-minded communities
1/1 Honorary NFTs Commissioned through our Community Rewards System
  • Holders earn reward points (bingo balls) in various ways
  • Bingo Balls can be redeemed for Honorary NFTs, airdrops, and physical items
  • Future plans include additional ways to earn and more items to redeem
Community member’s coasters of their EARC NFTs
  • Affordable, high quality merch
  • 90% of profits are reinvested into the project
  • 10% of profits are set aside for charitable initiatives.
  • Additional merch drops will happen throughout the year
EARC Closet Updates to the same EARC NFT
EARC Closet trait replacement example
  • Replaces traits rather than stickering over them
  • Ability to change out the background
  • First of it’s kind mechanism in the NFT space
  • Traits are added to the closet regularly
  • Regular (weekly) community events
  • Bedrock bingo where holders have the chance to win a Bedrock Bingo NFT, which grants them access to a free mint of our second collection
  • IRL Meetups
  • Contests and Giveaways




5,000 Elderly Ape NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Elderly Ape Retirement Club

Elderly Ape Retirement Club

5,000 Elderly Ape NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain.

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